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Train in a Friendly safe environment at your own Level

How would YOU like the chance to train with a group of paranoid, over-zealous, testosterone filled guys who spend every waking moment thinking about and preparing for the next time someone wants to attack or kill them? How about the chance to learn about what improvised weapons work best on the beach? Or how best to wear your camouflage combat pants so that they don’t ride up and give you a combat wedgie while you are performing ninja dive-rolls with fake pistols?

And, and, and, as if that isn’t already cool enough…What about the chance to be treated like an inferior person made to do a bunch of weird and complex moves which make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, but clearly define you as a beginner and therefore worthy of relishing the instructor with awe? How about been screamed at like you are in the army? How about tip-toeing around being careful about what you say and to whom you say it because it may be taken the wrong way? Or having to bow ‘to show your respect’ to someone who is actually exactly like you and has done nothing to really earn your respect yet, but still you have to bow to them anyway? How about the chance to never be able to ask questions or challenge what the instructor says, because after all he/she is all-powerful and knows everything so to question them is disrespectful and you are right to fear even the thought of such an act? How about the chance to leave your humour, creativity, imagination, and good nature at the door when you enter, because those things don’t fit in with the environment ( this is after all about ‘self defence’ and that means you need to be SERIOUS!)?

Sound good? Yes? Oh, then I’m very sorry but you’ll hate training at Protect, because you won’t find any of that stuff at our training centres.

Obviously the above is meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but quite seriously I have seen every one of the things I mention above, and a whole lot worse, over the years in various martial art centres and ‘self defence’ schools. So it really is no surprise that many people have that perception when they hear about a self defence school and it scares them off. So let me give you the other side of the story, let me tell you what you’re going to find when you train at Protect…

No-ego policy: Yep, that’s right, we ask everyone to leave their ego at the door. This is not a place for machoism, selfishness, negativity, or to ‘prove yourself against others’. This is a place where everyone is free to be exactly who they are in a completely safe, supportive, and fun environment. Ego always has a part to play in our daily lives of course, but we don’t tolerate it in the context of walking around thinking and treating others like they are inferior and trying to prove that you are always better than them. Protect training is about growth. It is about self development through the avenue of self defence. That is why you will find that every member at a Protect class is, well, pretty damn cool! If you are that type of person, we’d LOVE to have you train with us!

Safe environment: Make no mistake, we train very serious stuff. Outside of the psychological, behavioural elements of training, outside of the conflict resolution, verbal defusion, de-escalation aspects of what we do, the physical components are as real as it gets. All of our physical training is designed for one thing: To get you out of the situation and home to your loved ones as quickly and safely as possible by inflicting appropriate levels of damage to an attacker/s. There are no fancy moves or traditions here, just stuff that really works under pressure and stress. Therefore it is SUPER important to us that everyone stays safe at all times when training. That includes emotional safety as well as physical safety. So you can be assured that we have very robust safety procedures in place. In over a decade of training we have never had a serious injury in any Protect class, anywhere, and we plan to keep it that way. We know how to make sure you get the maximum result while not being hurt. Will you get a few bruises at times? Yes. A few scratches maybe too? Yep. Will you push your body to its limits at times? Yep. But that is the reality of the training and the odd bruise and scratch is a good thing. Oh, and by the way EVERYTHING you do at class is voluntary and all at your OWN pace. The team is there to provide encouragement and support and push you to always be improving, but at the end of the day you are always in charge of yourself at all times.

FUN! Yeah, I said it. We have a lot of fun at class! Yes, self defence/self protection is a serious subject and we take it very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time as well. Let’s face it; it would get pretty old (and a bit dark) if all we did every night was talk about violence. So be prepared to be exposed to our humour, which is in itself a little quirky (probably because most of our members are a little quirky). We have a lot of laughs, there is banter, and there is fun, but when we get down to business it is all serious. We believe that training should always be enjoyable, plain and simple.

Everyone is uniquely the same and everyone has a story…There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ makeup of a Protect class. You can expect to find the most diverse group of people imaginable. Our members include men, women and teenagers from every walk of life. They include frontline police officers to school students, from office workers and professors, to engineers and truck drivers. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, atheist, gay, straight, black, white, yellow or anything in between, everyone is welcome at our classes as long as they are a good person and treat other’s well. We have members who have never experienced violence in their lives and members who have experienced very serious violence of all types. It doesn’t matter, regardless of your circumstances and your goals training at Protect will benefit you in so many ways. Physical ‘self defence’ is just the start, there are so many more benefits than that…

And you do not need to bow to anyone! We are not a martial art and we believe that respect is earned, not commanded, and it is shown through our actions and interactions with each other. Everyone at Protect is equal, we are all there to help each other grow, learn important skills, and have a good time. Pretty simple really…

So…There should be nothing stopping you from coming and trying out a class! If you want to learn highly effective self defence strategies to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, get in shape and improve your fitness and strength, learn conflict resolution skills, gain greater self control over your life, hang out with a cool group of people, and HEAPS more, without all the typical shinnanigans (I love that word!) then get along to a class. The whole team looks forward to seeing you there.

Phil Thompson
Protect International Head Honcho
(when the others let me)