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FAQ's - FAQ Page 2

Q. What do I wear to class and do I need to bring anything?
A. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. For the regular Self Defence group classes, wear whatever you would normally wear, jeans, shorts, track pants, t-shirt, jersey etc...Please just be aware that these clothes may be pulled and could be damaged so don't wear your best. Please wear trainers or running shoes, not hard soled street shoes as they damage the floor. Please ensure that you bring your own towel to every class as things get a bit sweaty at times...

Q. Do I need to buy any special/expensive equipment to train?
A. No, absolutely not. We have pretty much everything you will require. There are only a few other pieces of equipment we recommend for all members: a mouthguard, which we can order for you and range from around $15 to $25, a groin guard, and shin guards. These items are not expensive and are highly recommended for your benefit. 

Q. What is the minimum age to be able to train with Protect?
A. For our regular group classes, you must be at least 16 years of age (15 years with parental consent). For younger people and children we have our 'Guardian Angel' Child Safety Course. There is also the option of taking private lessons with Protect's founders Phil and/or Athena Thompson. Contact us for details. 

Q. How do I join?
A. For the regular Self Defence classes just let us know that you are coming and just join straight in to a class. The first class costs $20 which is deducted from your fees when you decide to join. Our trainings are informal, open and friendly and there will be plenty of our team there to assist you on the first night.

Q. Where does training take place?
A. Protects offers Self Defence training in Auckland, Wellington, and throughout New Zealand. Click HERE for details