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What does your physical arsenal look like? How many hours do you spend on elaborate submissions, on perfecting your punches, kicks, elbows and knees? How much time do you spend actually using these tools not in sparring but in fighting against the unknown opponent? “Unknown” meaning you don't know if he has a friend on the side who'll jump in, you don't know if he's carrying a weapon or not, you don't know how he is going to react or what he is going to do because there are no parameters created by rules in sparring... this is real now...

Does your style spend a considerable amount of time teaching you about the legalities of your implications in a real fight? How to deal with witnesses? How to talk to a cop after an event?

What about the revenge factor? Does your system teach you that after you've won your fight that the guy you just beat on may seek revenge? Do they teach you how to deal with the sometimes-grim aftermath of your actions?

Real violence is behaviorally rooted. Sparring isn't. Martial art training is physically rooted. "When someone does this, you do that." Not many explain or teach how to avoid "someone doing this" in order for "that" not to become the primary choice action. So, is your training behaviorally rooted, yes or no? Does it take into consideration pre contact psychology, yes or no? Is the physical training adaptable to your hard-wired survival system or are you trying to reprogram thousands of years of evolution with new techniques that require timing, torque, distance, and a high degree of skill and cognitive processing? You be the judge.




Now if you are training in your martial art for sport, or for the social aspect, or the physical fitness, the self discipline, or any of the other myriad of benefits that is great. But if you are training in your martial art because you have been lead to believe that you will gain complete and realistic self defence skills then maybe this article will cause you to do some deep reflecting. We have many martial artists training with us at Protect. They stay training in their chosen art(s) and come to us to “fill the gap” with realistic self defence. If you are looking for the same, we would love to have you at class!


Phil Thompson 2012