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If you are a martial artist, Protect training will cause you to question everything you have been taught…

Let me just be clear. I trained in martial arts for over 20 years. I love the martial arts. The benefits of a good martial art are absolutely incredible and can be positively life-altering in so many ways. But this article is not to discuss all of the benefits of martial arts, it is to discuss the difference between martial arts and what we at Protect consider to be REAL ‘self defence’. Consider the following excerpt from ‘In Total Defence of the Self’:

Is this art good for self-defense? There seems to be a lot of questions like these popping up, especially on Internet forums. More often than not, it is the practitioner that makes it happen, the style, range or tool that was used is incidental. However, this isn't true for many, this is the exception to the rule and not the rule itself. There are people out there who can make Tae Kwon Do work in the streets, this doesn't mean TKD would be the choice art for enhancing survivability.

In order for an art or system to enhance your chances at surviving a real fight, a real violent confrontation, an attempted rape, mugging or murder, it is essential for this art or system to be rooted in reality.

This art has to be 3 dimensional. It has to properly (not adequately, not dabble in) but properly and fully deal with the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects in terms that replicate how real fights start, why they start, which attacks are the most common, how intention to action begins, etc.

Too many times the word 'sparring' comes up... "We spar hard", "we spar against various styles" etc. When was the last time you saw or heard of a rapist strap on a pair of 12 ounce boxing gloves, set a 3 minute time limit prior to raping a woman in the entrance of her own home?

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly without thinking about how you train or any martial art in question. Matter of fact, take the time to answer these questions with complete honesty and to the best of your abilities prior to reading on…

What is a real violent confrontation?
Who are the most likely to be attacked?
How will you most likely be attacked?
What frame of mind will you be in when you are attacked?
Should you be concerned about the Tai Chi expert attacking you? Should you be concerned about the golden gloves champion attacking you or maybe the last UFC champion?

The real threats are the rapists, the muggers, the random bullies and ego jocks, the road rage incidents, the potential murderers, spousal & parental abuse etc.

The difference between the dojo and the street is the unknown. Remember, awareness, consent and preparation will not be present. Your attacker will not be squaring off you; he is not there to "spar". Therefore the mindset is that of surprise and the attack is usually sudden when one is ill prepared and most always starts with an attack on the mind, which triggers emotional inertia. A person’s ability to perform certain techniques that require fine or complex motor skills greatly diminishes while under attack. On the other hand, gross motor skills such as grabbing, tearing, ripping, striking, biting are not only not affected during high stress situations, they are enhanced thanks to Mother Nature's hard wiring of our survival mechanism.

You want to know if your system will enhance your survival during a serious violent attack that triggered the mind and caused emotional inertia prior to you even being touched? How do you train? Does your training replicate reality YES or NO?