' Protect - a real martial arts alternative - uniquely effective training for the real world   Phone (021) 366 585 for more info'

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Train in a Friendly safe
environment at your own Level

Combat survival techiniques
Taught with Responsibility


If you’re a Martial Artist,
Protect will cause you to question
everything you’ve been taught


Techniques and training that are
designed for real life situations  
not the boxing Ring


Why traditional Styles
usually don’t work in real life

Our group classes are designed to give you the best self defence training possible in a friendly, safe, and challenging environment.

We are not a martial art, fight club, MMA school or anything even similar. Our focus is on real-life self protection training which actually works in the real world. Completely the opposite of the stereotypical "self defence" school, our classes are informal, ego-free, supportive, and enjoyable while at the same time highly effective and applicable to you.

Classes include training in all of Protect's '4 stages of self defence' including the behavioural, psychological, emotional, legal, and moral issues around protecting ourselves from violence.

The key benefits you will receive when you train at a Protect centre include:

  • Functional, effective self defence skills which work in the real world
  • Increased fitness, strength and overall health
  • Increased confidence, empowerment and overall self-belief
  • The chance to train with a cool, supportive group of people
  • The opportunity to challenge, ask questions, experiment, and push yourself in a safe and open environment
  • And a heap of other cool stuff too!

Our classes are attended by the most diverse array of people imaginable, from office workers to students, from Police officers, to martial artists, from secretary's to CEO's. Women, men, and teenagers! Everyone is welcome at our classes as long as they are a good person who is there for the right reasons.

In addition to the researched and proven self defence training we add a fitness component to the start of every session to help improve your overall strength, fitness and health. Some of our members have experienced incredible improvements in their weight, fitness and health from just this aspect of class alone! And the best part is there is NO NEED for any fitness to begin as everything is done at your own pace and at your own level. Our team is there to support you but you set your pace.

We would love to have you train with us so get in contact with us now and we look forward to seeing you at class!

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